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Hello. Let me tell you about One More Thing. 

Hello Camelback Ventures! 

I am very excited to potentially be part of your startup coach/mentoring team.  I think I have the right experience, and I know I have the right attitude and the right passion as well.  I believe in the importance of mentoring, and in particular, the crucial role it plays in opening up doors and new perspectives to entrepreneurs who have been sidelined from the traditional 'trep community. Yes, I'm talking about women and people of color, as well as people who have disabilities or who don't have access to the same types of educational opportunities that their more privileged counterparts. 

I work for myself, at a company I founded, but many of my clients are startups, and I've navigated the rough waters of scaling and pivoting and raising capital and team building, with them as well as in pursuit of my own company's growth. I think I have a lot of insight to offer on these topics in terms of wisdom gained through experience.  But most of all, I think what I have to offer is enthusiasm: enthusiasm for the folks in this community working to make it better for all of us, and a passionate desire to support them however I can in their efforts. 

You can see my resume below, or you can download it here.

Thanks for your consideration,